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Monday, March 31, 2008

tittle : Victor! miss yea !!

todae i skipped school.. so early morning reach school.. wait teck, bryan, C.leong, jason, K.how they all come school d den we go buy some stuff for Vic.. they say seapark there got.. so we went there n it not open yet.. then we go makan breakfast 1st lor.. finish eating then we went SS2 pasar pagi buy.. then we start go to Vic there @ NILAI!! ( so far @@ )
anyway.. all of them dont really the way to NILAi but agak agak know laa.. so it take almost 1hr 15mints to reach there.. and after praying "dai bak gong" then we go *visit Vic.. ngeh~ they on song for Vic and teck wanna open the porn movie for him.. hahaa.. but after that he off it.. lols.. we sit there chit chat for almost 1hr i think? they talk about all the happy memories.. so nice (: i just sit there.. listening them.. around 10sometihng or 11.. we go back lor.. all so freakin hungry ^^ halfway at puchong all seperated.. so me and my bf went megah da bao food den go back his hse eat (:
yea.. Vic we miss u lotz..


tittle : Love Girlfriends !

saturday 29/03/08

it about last saturday..
went *somewhere Pak toR with my GirlfriendS..
we ate sakae sushi..
then starbuck..
then J.Co..
and yeah! we spent all our money just on FOOD !
ngek ngek ~..
this is my 1st time hang out wit my sayang GirldfriendS ! Love ya lotz Girls (:

* pictures? later laaaa

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