Birth-dae (:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hapie burfdae to myself ^^
my bf come to fetch me around 11:30am ..
after reach the curve. since we're not really hungry..
den we 1st go to have a walk ^^
walkwalk 30mints..
i decided to go to eat sakae sushi ^^
while eating we talk n sms each others .. hahas .
after eating.. i want to go shopping ^^
2months ago.. i target on 1pair MCKY shoe coast rm149..
2months later .. the shoe " walk away " d..
my dear say wait till it got back the shoe den he buy for me ^^
flea market got nth suit me.. so we go cineleisure wlak..
found 2 shirts from 2 different shop but no S size .. n M size is just too big n too loos for me so i dint buy larr..
sien lor.. i really find out curve got nth suit for me to shop n buy ..
1st.. too ex ..
2nd .. kinda mature ^^
so my dear 1st fetch me to his hse 1st.. den after dat he fetch me back to my kota damansara hse ^^
sayangs ~
dinner time ..
my mom decided to bring me to go to the green view eat crab ^^
wow !! total rm 300 ++ .. my god !!
b4 dat my mom brought us some light stick so we play in my room ..
around 10 sometihng.. my mom brought me my fav sparkling juice which duno coast how much.. n take it as my " birthday cake "
after drinking den we all go sleep.. (: muackx ..
camwhore at home before going to the curve ^^ the curve view .. @ my damansara hse (:birthdae night small party in the room ^^ my birthdae cake "

more pictures will be upload soon ^^

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