dae (:

Monday, March 24, 2008

let me see.. it already few days dint blog.. so i also cant really remember wat happened so im not gonna scrip anything bout the previous.. i know im FORGETFUL lah..
and todae is schl.. schl~ zzZ.. schl got nothing special..
todae i went to see pn.chung for few times ALREADY~ so b4 that.. i went to see her for kinda many times. but u know laa.. we this STUPID ONE as she say.. we have to ask eeverything clear and make sure b4 we start doin the samudra right? she's like.. the one who keep complaining us.. im like.. " teacher.. we're just trying to make sure everything so that we wont make mistakes.. ".. aflah~ wtv.. okay.. ignore.. (:
so about yesterday.. i went klang wit my family.. erm.. as u know i dislike klang.. but nvm lor.. relatives are there.. *duh* so the reason we went there is because my grandmother.. i mean my mom's mother.. which is the one who went US for duno how many yrs d.. she's already kinda rich there and dont feel like coming back here.. swt.. so she brought us some stuff..
muahhahaa.. she brought them alot toilet and barbeque stuff.. kekee.. and some cute forks and i took all.. hahaha.. *ngek~* then lot of towels.. =.-"
and and and..
she brought 2pink and 2 white NIKE socks.. and i dont care.. i took 2, pink and white each one.. and my sis the white 1.. then she brought my sis a pink PUMA sportshoe and the blck one for my cousin.. IT REAL PUMA OKAY (: then then then then she brought back a REAL LV bag.. and i dont care whether i suit anot.. i just took it.. LV leh.. who dont want right?? so since those "KLANG perfect child" is not there.. so i take only lah.. hahahaa.. so me and my mom share to use it ^^ hmmm well.. im busy editing my pictures.. i've took 12pictures in the past weekends.. and im addicted to edit pictures now.. so that all for todae.. tata (: ( ngehhh.. later got BM tuition.. T_T ) LV !! (:

and and and.. i found out that.. i have this freakin phobia.. im so freakin regarded whenever i want to go in to the toilet early in the morning around 6am - 8am.. i almost saw there's a big crockcoach in the toilet every morning since last few week.. it make me have the regard going to the toilet every morning or if the toilet is dry i will like spent almost 5mints to see if there's any crockcoach anot.. aiks.. die lor.. !!

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