the night i ever had (:

Friday, March 14, 2008

dis post is continued ytd's post (:

well.. as i say ytd night was my boi's sister's wedding..
so around 6:30 my boi come fetch me den we were the 1st ppl who reach there ( not including the family (: ) and where's the bride and groom ?? lols. they are late.
while waiting those guest.. me n my dear standing outside " possing " .. lols. we got nth to do n i so dam freakin akward for the whole night.. all my boi's aunty uncle even his dad keep come forward and ask my bf : " wow !! today so leng zai hor.. ur gf arh?? so leng lui.. when is ur turn.. ? " get wat it mean ?? grahh.. even his dad stand beside me n say : " waaa.. today hou leng lui orh... wen u wan be my daughter-in-law? hahaa.. " he still can laugh n i was like.. * face turn darn red * n the photographer keep curi take our picture.. but lucky tak kena our kissing pictures.. hahahahahaa..
after that.. my boi's eldest sis n his mom were so busy welcome-ing those VIP guests.. so they ask me to help them incharge the " ang paus " and ask for their signature..
n guess wawt?? those BN ppl are all my bf's daddy fren =.-" n im scolding BN in my blog pulak.. hahaha.. wtv*
omg.. im so tired standing there for almost 1hr!!
* chik chiak * the photographer again..
hmmmm.. i oso duno wat is the time edi..
so we start go in n sit down n start the wedding night (:
later while.. my bf need go " ying cau " so teck n jacky sitting here.. teman me lorr.. and kesian why loong sitting alone next table to us..
so after my bf come back.. he want to go to the toilet.. so he bring me along.. cox teck n jacky going oso.. n since i sitting there drinking for so long so i decided to follow also..
and and and ..
lots of his uncle sitting near the toilet.. once we reach them.. they were like.. : " fui yoh.. finally can see SEOW JON HAN's GIRLFRIEND weih!! " and they were like so loud!!.. " dont keep bring her go toilet u know.. later we canot tahan woih!! " ( they talk in silent ) and i was like .. " uncle u so fast mabuk arh? "
then after we come out from the toilet have to see them AGAIN.. then they pull my bf n hug him n say : " he's ours now.. hahaa.. " =.-"
so it time to " yum seng ".. so my bf have to follow to go all around n " yum seng " wit his sister.. so he have to leave me alone 1st..
after that.. he bring me along to " yum seng ".. and that's the sweet moment ^^.. and he started to drunk so i ganti him to drink.. *bluek* i dont like wine/chivas/brandy or wtv dat is.. ( only beer for me pls )
after that.. AGAIN to the toilet.. cox u know.. once u have drink too much water or wtv drinks.. u will want to keep stay in the toilet.. so agian the uncles all say : " alamak.. y bring ur gf here again?? terlalu lenglui we scare we canot tahan laaa.. later we free her beer boss will scold lehh " im like .. *no comment* ..
and all his uncle aunty want to see how i look like.. so almost ALL his uncle aunty siblings know me ><"
around 11something.. my bf fetch me home cox thx to my dad keep calling.. so i have to go home.. grrrrhh..
after that my bf went yum cha wit jacky.. cox it his birthday after 12am ^^

i finally know wat are those happy feelings wherever we are witout parents (: especially when u are wit ur lovers.. this was the happiest night n moment i ever had and also the prettiest sweetest couple of the night ^^ .. i can laugh from my heart n not just a smile (:

*i nvr take any pictures from my fone so i have to wait for the photographer to develop me n my bf's photo only i can post up to my blog.. so wait ya ^^


so today is jacky's birthday and they are going to lagoon n play..
thx to me have a very strict daddy..
so he dont let me go.. cox he don wan me go out too often ( elo? bila i keluar tiap-tiap hari atau tiap-tiap minggu? )
i only go out once in 2weeks laaa.. or less than dat..
fine.. so my bf pujuk me n promise he'll bring me go during May's holidays (: love u darling ..

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