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Friday, March 14, 2008

sometimes.. why do parents reject their child from couple-ing? studies effect? too young?

1st.. yea.. is will sometimes disturb studies when we're missing them.. but doesn't mean we will stop study just for couple-ing right??
2nd.. now is 2008! law do not have a rule " no couple-ing below 18 " hor ??
3rd.. i know it because parents worry their children, especially girls.. worry they kena tipu.. but parents can straght forward get to know more bout the boy so parents can feel better right?

anyways.. mayb im just childish thinking.. but im now telling the truth bout my couple-ing..

1st.. i know my family are all counted as standard ppl.. they have a proper job, working in the office.. can sit a comfortable chair relaxing..
2nd.. my bf parents are only working at night as a chef wit a medium size restaurant.. but the parents get 10k or 1 month. but my bf just get 1500 permonth..
3rd.. i know my bf stop study since form3. but he is a very hardworking,caring person..and he dont smoke, gamble and even drink beer/wine less than 15glass in A YEAR. he dont even go clubbing once okay (:

y must we look down on those ppl who stop study since form3? couple wit him destroy ur ( my fmaily ) image? he cant take care of me because he just a small chef? he cant support me wit the little salary? he dont have future?
yea.. he is just a small chef n only working in a small restaurant..salary not much now.. but doesnt mean he cant get better in his future?
MAYB i'll go in to U and get a much better job than him in the future.. so doesnt mean we cant be together?
only " bamboo door wit bamboo door , wooden door wit wooden door " huh ? ( translate from cantonese )
uncle aunty.. now no ppl like dat 1 lar.. 60's meh now.. love dont care/count *age *job *height blahblahblah larr okay~

as long u love each other.. nth cant solve..
as my mom n all my whole family says : " u have a better choise, a very much better future, lot boys will come to u in ur future.. why do u want to stick wit a guy which is standard lower than u,, a guy which cant spent u much money ? "
i cry n cry and cry whenever i heard all this..
money dont give happiness, have a better job guy doent mean they are good. STANDARD LOWER doesnt mean have to get them off !
yea. i know i am just 17yrs old. and i also said before.. he might not my uture one. mayb i'll tukar hati love another one.. no body know also right.. BUT now is now.. future is future.. now not equal to future OKAY!!
im trying to tell all this n talk to my dad.. but he is a old century guy la.. talk to him = talk to the wall..
and i also 17 now.. why cant i go out wit frens easily?? why must lomg time once.. ?? i know girls easy kena tipu.. i know my mind still a baby mind.. but doesnt mean i easy kena tipu oso kay..
isi-isi BM karangan oso did b4 larr :" meluangkan masa untuk anak, lebih membual dengan anak, tanya/membual tentang anak.. "
u all ( my parents ) also can do that right? get to know me more n my bf and my fren.. so ma no nid worry too much larr.. i dont mean to ask my parent not to worry me.. but not too over much larr.. the more u worrry the more u feel frighten right?
try think more open n further laaa..

-- i write too long.. u may ignore this post actually.. im just trying to express my feeling & thinking --

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