SHARK !!! ( suck !! )

Saturday, March 08, 2008

election non of my business but im worried for da result !! wth ??
i kknow it non of my business but bcox it on todae n tmr might will be messy like fighting blabla or not save.. n tmr is my bdae i suppose to go the curve to celebrate but thx to dis F-ing election.. i mean BN.. make me might have to stay at home n " celebrate " my bdae..

ques 1 : apa tu election ?
ques 2 : lose ma lose lor.. fight for wat ?? win so wat ??
ques 3 : why must have election?
ques 4 : election untuk apa ?
ques 5 : kenapa election day must on march 8 in dis yr ? why cant feb29 ? atleast dat they dont really have ppl bdae i tihnk ..
ques 6 : why BN win all must fight or blah blah ??

1st.. i admit i duno wat election for..
2nd.. i know once BN win.. the others will sure fight la dis la dat laa.. make de world/ some place so messy n the parents dont dare let their children go out of the hse.. zzz

my sis n my bf ask me to celebrate on monday which is 1oth of march but cant u stand my side n understand my feeling ??
who will wan to pospone their bdae celebration ??
i know for guy is nth but for gal is something !!
i mean me..
most of da girls.. they hope to celebrate their bdae on their birth day !
zzz .. BN SUX !! election SUX too .. ( i think so )
when i grow up.. nvr ask me to vote for BN man~ SHITSS !!

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