dae (:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it school dae.. and it always school dae.. hmmmm..
todae..me, may and shareen were all wearing pinafore.. hahas.. we never gap mai kay (: then we tot of going to the toilet to take pictures but in the end we are gossipping there.. lols
and and and after that.. hahahaa.. it may's show time (: may is being a promoter.. selling bags..
hahahaa.. it making lots of fun and laugh..
she was promoting shareen's bag and it only rm5 and u can get a free ( duno wat brand ) purse cost rm100++.. hahahahaaaa..
she can be a perfect promoter.. so if anyone need her.. u may ask her (:
hahahahass.. jokin larr.. then when may promoting my bag and shareen was caring it.. so vicky said : " this time free shareen ?? " hahahahahhaa..

after that.. it just too boring.. me and shareen went to the toilet during EST period cox we're having the test.. so we're just too bored.. we took picture in the toilet.. =p

and and and todae whether is just toooo freakin nice.. so it make me lazy to go for interact meeting.. lols.. so i decided to go cari my bf.. =p
i admit im naughty.. and it true.. (:

( todae's picture will ask from shareen (: and post it later! )

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