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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

3rd of march.

around 10:30pm ++
my mom asked me to find the camera charger for her.

mom : did u see or know where is de charger?
me : no orh.. i duno where..
mom : how can duno ?? all u use 1..
me : it at somewhere in ur room.. i'll find for u 5mints later k? i promise.
mom : okok

1mint +

mom : can u find it now ?? it urgent.. u know i need the cam to take pictures for my work..
me : okok .. i help u find.. it at somewhere in ur room ..
mom : ( forget wat she say .. but she's getting abit angry.. )
me : nah! i've said already it in ur room.. don always talk to me in angry mood lar..

den i go in back to my room..
den i put on my headset n listen to music. so i cant hear anything ..
den my mom knock my room .. i dint hear.. so she bang de room.. cox i've lock my room.,.
so after i open the door ..

mom : y nvr open the door ?
me : i was listening to music.. i put on my headset to listen.. so dat y i dint hear u knock the door..
mom : i where got talk to u in angry way?
me : u everytime ask my find thing oso so angry.. i say i'll find for u means i will la..
mom : ( forgotten wat she say again )
me : ok la.. sorry la.. my wrong la.. sorry la..

den i close my door..
after dat.. i heard she is so angry.. bang her door ..
expressing her mood..
i feel so bad~
it were my ever 1st time argue-ing wit her..
i sayang her so much n i nvr argue wit her b4..
it were my 1st time !!
n i promise it will be my last time ..


it 12 a.m. 4th of march!!
Hapii 2yrs anniversary to you my dear !!
time fly so fast ~
it already 2yrs we've be together..
sayang u darling !!

morning.. i wake up.. after im in the bus..
i sms my mom

" mom. im sorry aout yesterday talking to u like dat. i promise it will be the 1st n last time.. enjoy ur trip n take care.. love lots! "


afternoon after school.. i went to my bf's hse n bath d..
den we moved on to MARCO'S pizza to have lunch n to celebrate our anniversary (:

sayang deardear lotlots !! i love you darling..

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