dae (:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

early morning reach school.. nothing to do.. then after sam came d.. he keep SYOK SENDIRI~ yea.. that's him.. so just use to it okay (: kekekeke~ hmm so today i have to take interact photo.. so at there.. we were like waited for almost 30mints to take that freakin picture okay~!! the pn.chung la, the photographer laa.. so annoying laa!!! so finally finish take.. then i have to rush to the toilet and change back to my school uniform.. to take club keceriaan.. lols. pn.Harminder is funny (: lalallaaa.. everytihng done.. and today teachers are not teaching.. so wat's the point bringing books la??? and lucky may dint come.. cox she don like teacher not teaching.. ( she's a study girl owhh! ) but also sad may dint come.. cox after recess.. we keep go to the diciplin room and play, listen songs.. roy showing his breakdance.. hmmmm so nah ~ that's all for today (: and im tired.. later have tuition at night.. $: taaaz pee-pol~

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