dae (:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

well.. tonight is my bf's sister's wedding.. they invite me. .so around 12 my bf n me went to 1u to buy his formal baju n i nth to do buy another dress.. hahaa.. then we went F.O.S to buy his belt.. then went sasa buy my cosmetic.. and and and and and.. i ter buy wrong cosmetic n i dont need it.. so i want to sell it out.. it new n it coast me rm45.90 =.- so i hope i could sell it out.. if rm45.90 is too much for who ever want to buy it.. i may sell u rm40 (: i have de resit ( sorwie i duno spell in eng ) so i can proove it (: if you're intrested wit it.. u may call me 0169820533 (: u may also recomand to ur frens (: thx ^^
blog to be continue after dinner (:

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