dae (:

Friday, March 21, 2008

20th march 2008
before going out.. camwhore time =p
so since im going to cut my hair d.. so dis will be my last picha of my long pretty hair ):nah ~~~~ i duno wat time i reach the salon at kepong~ which is my fren's salon (:
cut cut cut ~ finish cutting.. i see.. WOW!! it a freaking really new hairstyle for me in my whole life !!! i dont and never will cut short~!! but he cut my hair short.. but still long behind there ~
i dont really like it.. AND IT NOT WHAT I WANT! but awhile that.. i feel ok lar.. cox wat can i do right? cut already ma~ take it as my new hairstyle lor~~~ sob..
after that.. went home fetch my dad.. then go to my aunt hse to visit her.. and and and~
duh! and they keep say im totally a LALA-MUI!!
ahem!! ex-Qss-mii?? i've stop being lala for almost 1yr ++ d okay people !!
fine ~ then we go for dinner some where near her hse there (:
soo.. while waiting food..
camwhore time! after reach back my aunt hse.. camwhore again (:
21st march 2008
todae.. absen to schl because sakit ):
i am actually feeling bad since ytd night..
so dis morning like getting worst..
so i decided to go to my bf hse..
and i fainted at his hse ):
so he bring me to clinic and INJECTION ON MY ASS!!
forget this part..
thenthen.. went back my boi's hse and rest (:
and he is so caring ^^

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