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Friday, March 07, 2008

urgh.. holidaes have begin.. have to start up my mind to think wat can i do in these hols..

todae.. woke up around 9am.. siens lor.. used to wake at 6 now wan sleep longer pun susah liao~ kesian..
brush my teeth.. lazy to bath.. cox not going anywhere todae.. so bath in th afternoon..
after that.. make my own breakfast.. * yummy ~ *
finish eating.. sit wit my sister.. talktalk.. have nth much to do..
around 11 sometihng.. cook something to eat..
n ate an apple b4 dat..
duh.. life like dis will make me die so fast ~
n my dear so dumdum.. tot todae got schl n after i tell him start todae hols till 16th march.. he felt sad cox cant huggie me.. kekex.. sayang balik okay (:
it seriously bored..
nth to do.. n i've made my decision to have a new account for msn.. n its only strictly for close frens n those frens dat got chat wit me .. so i wont get to mess .. cox Qkie_baobei dis acc have tooo many contact but no talk.. so for wat ? n lazy delete.. so..

jieyi_o3o9@hotmail.com is now open n signed up.. so to my dear close fren if i havent add u up u may add me kay. thx ^^ n sayangs ..

nahh~ after my math tuition around 7:30pm.. i need cross 2road.. so after da 2nd road.. i scold n point to da 2putun persona which dunow how to put de signal to show dat they want to turn in.. ( they might be L , so dont blame them okay.. XD ) so i point at them n tell my grandma la.. den sudenly a sakai indian guy.. i think is mangala or wtv laa.. sudenly scold me n my grandma " kanninia chi bai " .. WAT FUCK?? we walk fast straight go home.. even that indian guy selling newspaper oso scare of him.. swt la.. like i terstep ur tail huh? SAKAI ASS!!
so around 8pm.. before i go to my science tuition i went to reload 10dollar.. n i got 50% bonus.. cox it bday bonus ^^ hahaax..

Hapiee Burfdae to JIREH YEONG (:

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