Time go Forward and never Turn Back !

Saturday, March 22, 2008

well.. im just too free to type something in my bloggie..
and i got nothing to do so i viewed few ppls blog which is not from my link..

as we say " time = gold " .. yeah.. thats why we should appreciate every second! Dont and Never feel regret after wat u have done! if u really decided to take this or do this for your next step/choise.. then why must u feel regret after that? useless okay! time will only GO FORWARD and NOT turning BACK.. if u think u've did wrongly just now.. correct it when the next second come.. " learn from mistake ".. yeah.. everyone should do that and not only stick with a word " regret! ".. if you have the nerve to did it wrong.. why cant u just face the fact? time never end and never stop.. muster up and do it right.. once wrong doesnt mean day of last judgment.. appreciate your time and keep do it till the right.. if there's something or someone goes away and it will never come back.. dont feel regret but mayb you can cry for it.. but just 5mints time.. since it over so just let it go.. mayb there's a better one infront of you? time dont come over you, you the one appreciate the time.. chance dont come to you too.. you appreciate the chance.. if once again.. you meet the same thing or the same chance.. appreciate and do it right..

sometimes.. we should not hate ppl..

1st. what's the point of hating them ?
2nd. what is your feeling hating them ?
3rd. what do you feel if there's someone hate you like how much you hate the others?

why cant just think further think more widely? if you think " someone " have did something bad to you or make you think he/she is sometihng.. just gossip about them will do.. no point of hating them. yea.. mayb it not nice to gossip about ppl.. cox im sure u dont love the feeling of being gossip too right? yea.. we should not care what the others do.. and it non of our business if that " someone " is not your anyone.. if that " someone " is your anyone.. mayb we can tell them their mistake than hating them or gossip them.. hating someone = wasting time !

nah~~ i cant think anything now.. hahahs.. so mayb you all should ignore this post.. but since you ppl have already finish reading so nvm lar.. hahahahaa.. that's for todae.. i think?

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