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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

nah~ kesian shareen.. felt down beside the drain.. kesian larr.. she just step wrong n " ouch " .. her face kena de " tree stick " ( brunch izit? i duno lerr. ) den lucky no scratch her face.. just blue black.. n de whole class where keep jokin wit her.. aiyor!! cant u all just kesian a girl ?? ( boys like them arealways like dat.. just used to it kay =p )

after recess.. we all form 5 suppose to be in the hall .. but me, sam, shareen, may & josh we stay in da class.. joshua is like making some little noise.. jahhh~ shhhh kay..
after 10mints +.. " bangbang ".. wth?? dat kenneth n roy no brain arh?? just open our class door like dat.. everyone can see oso larr.. adui~ so obvious.. den we ask someone to help us to close back de door.. jahh!!
aiks.. during hidding moment~ we have some fun too.. me n sam throw paper to josh n roy.. n both of them throw it back to us.. but kesian may larr.. she's hidding under teacher's table.. n u know she is so tall .. n dat table is like.. short~
this josh n roy keep making noise the most larr.. later kena we gonna kill themm .. hahaha
after 2hrs i think.. everything end.. den may stand up n keep complain how kesian.. n we laughing n kesian her too lorrr.. aiksja aiksja..

- end -

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