why do things happened all like that?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i have sometihng in my heart.. but i don't know how to express it out.. i wanna scrip out in my blog.. but the feeling is like.. telling me just keep in myself.. but seriously.. i have all this feeling its because i have experience in all this.. im trying not to be like last 2yrs that jieyi.. keep inside myself and be emo then cry silience in my room.. yea.. this time this feeling is non of my business but my boyfriend business.. ofcox.. no body wish to see their lover get hurt by their family or sis/bro right? mayb am just too love my bf.. so his business=my business.. nah.. cox i have family probs last time.. and i dont wish it happens to everyone that i love.. mayb im just too care and concern about it? i think so.. cox im just too scare and have this phobia when get hurt.. so i dont want to see anyone that i love and get the hurt and they cry to me~ that feeling is so freakin scare.. altough i just look at them hurting and tearing to me.. i stil lfeel so scary.. sighs.. mayb i'll think everything all over again only i express it out.. or mayb am not gonna post it out.. cox it not really a big deal.. but for me.. it kinda big deal ):

to my dear frens.. i love you peepz and ~ i wish to be there for u people whenever or whatever mood you people have (; i dont mind to be leftout.. as long u people dont forget me (:

to my boyfriend.. as wat i've told you.. since they really treat u like that.. u don't have to bother about them.. no matter how much u care about them.. they'll still treating u in the same ways.. i dont want u get hurt and u call me wit ur crying voice.. i feel so hurt when i saw ur hurts.. i rather u come to me and express ur feelings/mood to me.. rmb im always there for u darling (:

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