dae (:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hapiee Burfdae to my DEAREST SHAREEN !!
sayang darling mush much!!
p/s: sorwie darling dat i cant attend for ur party ):


nah~ todae is da election dae.. ofcox.. we under 21 ppl cant really go out b`cox of da stupid election.. so im still young not allowed to go for it .. or not im sure my whole family no body vote for BN..
as you know BN are on de radios n advertisments for 24/7 but why cant the opposite ?? b`cox barisan not allowed.. =.- apa ni lahh?? n we all know dat BN is cheater ~
Vote Malaysia, Vote Barisan National! Zzzz .
Like we would have a future in Malaysia.. swtnya ~
and i know politics play dirty n it just so obvious kay.
They know that elections are this year so they only start giving free text books. i mean PINJAM just text book. lalalala ~
n also.. because of it i cant go to my darling's party !! grahhh!! n mayb tmr i cnat go out if tonigh tgot any fighting or blahblahh~~

hahaha, i'm talking nonsense. It's better if you dont read or hear what im saying. And i hope nothing i said offend you people so dont whack me !! lols * im good y`know ^^

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