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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so i am actually kinda not in the mood cox something happened to my bf last night around 1:30am.. i mean this morning la.. wtv.. so im not gonna scrip it out.. so..
okay~ let see.. today.. around 8.. me and may go help the guys clean the diciplin room.. hmmm after that we went to the hall and take class photo.. so.. the guys are so not co-orperate.. so teacher say u guys can go away and dont take picture.. then hongsang they all went away.. we like so pist.. then josh so pujuk them come back.. so after they back.. that pn.chung is like so freakin TTY say " eh.. u guys come back edi ah? " wth?? is like they come back d u wan them go away again izit.. so freakin x0xxi la!
after taking photo.. me may and shareen went to toilet and camwhore.. ahahaa.. then we go back to the class and continue our work..
while cleaning we have fun there.. (:
pn.harminder said we cant go makan if we haven finish everything.. so we like.. work more faster la.. then this ms.anna is like so dam pist at us.. go find pn.ang and she ask pn.harminder to call us all go back class.. we like.. ok lor.. nvm lor.. but the class is like full of AJEKS FABULOSO* hahaa.. i mean the soap laa.. so nvm la.. and order ma.. then wen we go back.. the ms.anna said.. " eh.. who ask u all come back eh? " then i said pn.ang la.. so she's like !@#$%^&* over there.. and non-stop mumbling~ zzz .. then when pn.norshimah's class.. that ms.anna is like complaining to her.. " a-gi-go-gi-go.. a-flah-flah~ " then she came in and gi-go-gi-go again~ =.="
okay! and so we're dam frakin pist okay ! if like we good-heart help THE SCHOOL.. and thisis wat we get ?? SHIT!! seriously la weih! we must burn this schl after our spm.. if we dont burn this school.. next yr other student will be kesian like us.. flah-flah~ wtv.. we help just to do some goodthing and be a " good student/ helpfull student " (: anyways.. i cant rmb wat ms.anna gi-go-gi-go at us.. and i dont want to remember too.. but u may go to my girlfriends ( may & shareen ) blog to see more about todae (:
and btw ~ these are the pictures we took todae (:
and that's all for today (:
and oh ya! i tied a ribbon using my tie.. so all the student that i walk passed they like looking at me.. and there's one tihng i'll nvr forget.. there's a 1 small probait duty at the canteen there.. so he were like " please tie ur tie properly " .. hahaaa.. den i complain to may la.. then may like tell him lor " eh boy. .next time see the tanda sesi 1st ya " .. hahaa.. then he like so paiseh~ make me laugh like hell~~ hahaa *cute
shareen posing ^^the witch (: Girlfriends <3

lols. that's me! <3>

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