a dae (:

Monday, March 17, 2008

well.. finally it school.. atlast i dont feel bored at home.. i can see my frens my girlfriend and my boyfriend.. hahaa..
as usual.. me, may and sam hide in the class to excape the boring assembly.. then study study study..
nah! schl always boring with books and teacher (: so after science.. weileng belanja me n shareen makan fishball ^^ hahahaa..
then then.. during WBS time.. shareen were using josh's fone to sms his fren.. then then.. that shareen's fren reply to josh fone.. so so so.. sam read that msg and he tought some girl send wrong msg to josh.. cox there's a BB word in the msg.. so so so.. sam was like.. " yerrr " and say some bad words.. so shareen said thats HER FREIND !! what a malu thing okay !! then we kept laugh at him.. hahahaa..
hmmmm after recess.. just boring larr.. during BM.. we have lisan.. wth??? so nvm.. in our group.. all of us has taken the test accpet for shareen (: but she's lucky cox she can prepare.. teacher have given the tajuk okay!! wat a unfair ~
hmmm after schl.. as usual.. stay back teman my boyfriend.. (:

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