feelings back?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

lalalaa, continue to the previous post (:

my mom said and asked my to ready around 5p.m, she'll come back and fetch us go to vosit my granduncle, then she will bring us to dinner.
but, around 4:45p.m, i finished bath and dress-up..
she said not going out d -.-"
im like, pisttt..
i dislike when i dress-up everything then u tell me cancel, not giong out.. duhh,
so, i feel dam bored and abit no mood, went to disturb my sister..
and i decided to camwhoe (:
oh yea, my youngest sis, she brought this pink teddy, and show show show infront of me, lalalaaa..
i show her back i got more pink teddy than her.. hahaaa..
den i camwhore with her pink teddy (:
and i just came back from "walkwalk" with him (:
lalalaa, that's all for today, ):

This is how my face when u tell me "cancel, not going out" when i had ready everything ):

Dont misunderstand, its my second sister's sexay leg (: teehee..

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