Sunday, Family Day (:

Sunday, June 01, 2008

well, as i said that my mummy and daddy went out ytd and they came back home very late night, *biasa.. LOLs, so they woke up around 12 today,.. whoa! hahaas, i slept back after i woke up, *tiring laa.. after mummy and daddy woke up, we went to state to had our so called breakfast, LOLs! then mummy bought me my fav Jambu (: hahas, then we went home, nothing to do at home, dad wanted to go to seapark to wash his car, and i asked him to bring me to the pet shop (; and he brought me there!!! awwww, doggie (: fluffy dogg!!! awwww, i wish i could have one please? ): daddy and mummy allowed but my hse have old ppl, so.. dad say next time when we have our own hse (: teehee, sayang daddy!! had our dinner at megah, bought my herbal jelly and a pair of shoe at pasar malam (: then we went to damansara hse to get our stuff and we went home after that ^^

why do u rather to hurt someone for not the 1st time? do u think its really fun or what? or mayb its true that u're just treating me as a something else, but i can tell u, i never lied once to u, i really do.. i dont think i have to be sad about it but why am i?
p/s: not scripting my boyfriend (: and i always love me boyfriend, i'm loyal (: teehee, muackx

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