Friday, June 20, 2008

yesterday night suppose to go pasar malam with sam & may but i FFK-ed them in the last minute, this was my 1st time FFK friends =p thx to my dad ): sorweyy sayangs, stayed up till late night yesterday just to finish my art portfolio, cause teacher want us to pass up by today and i also want to take off this "heavy bag" so that i can stop rushing myself and keep stay myself at home for it (: but today no body finish or even pass up -.-" but lalaa, nvm.. anyway, batik is interesting, i'll willing to do till perfect cause its like... once in myself doing batik, so why not make myself more interested to it? LOLs,

well, stayed back after schl, pist off darl cause he was late and i have to stay alone at lorong X( , we cooked our lunch and SHIT! thx to the cat leaving its "treasure" in darl's hse's sofa, *wth* is like, i realise when i finish my food, darl cant finish his food cause he saw that and also he is full already, but but but, wth??? can u imagine u're eating with "it" all the way and u realise after ur meal? SUCK! that's why i never love cat, ishish............ (paiseh may) lalalala,

mom have to work till late night cause she's going tour next week, but she was really busy since last few weeks, so yeah, thx to the "price increasing" ): makes me cant shop too much, but i also cut down my spnding already (: so tomorrow have to stay at home? think so.. except for dinner lar duh, hahaa..

should i put on 100% trust on him yet? or mayb not to first? yeap..

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