Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hey hey, i am back!

miss me? (:

anyway, was at KL's hotel for these 3days, b4 this.. let some random talk..

as u know the petrol oil, was increase last few days already.
GOSH, the day b4 it increase, u wont see any petrol station is empty, GOSH..
know what? all the working ppl said, every prices are increasin, but why aren't the salary increase? LOLs,

back to KL (:
schedule :
friday --> saturday,
was at Westine Hotel..

saturday --> sunday,
was at Le Meridian hotel..

on friday, went Westine around 11:30am, had buffet lunch there, Foods there was nice, room nice, swimming pool not bad (: the hotel was just opposite Pavillion, so we went there shopping for the whole day and did get anything but my aunt does, awwww.. had dinner at Pavillion's Taiwan restaurant, the dessert was awesome ^^

on saturday, had lunch @ Amarda hotel's restaurant cause cousin's full mooon (: lalalalaaa, mom and granduncles was talking about my college fees, my future, and... they might be sending me to Aus.. ??? still thinking, but im gonna miss all my sayangs, my darling here.. sighs, after lunch, went to see my 4th granduncle's new hse, he is really freaking rich, he bought new banglo, bigger than the old one.. 2million @@" renovation spent for duno how much, rich ass.. then went back to Le meridian Hotel.. swam for 2hrs, the swimming pool was totally awesome, amazing.. lalalaa.. how nice if my all my sayangs & boyfriend was there playing together? awwwww.. had dinner @ bangsar.. (:

on sunday, packed everything, had buffet lunch @ Le meridian Hotel, the food there was totally awesome man~ freaking fresh sushi, im sure May love it very much, i ate duno how many already, wheee.. have 3 flavor fountain, Dark Chocolate, Light Chocolate & Vanila.. the ice-cream is amazing, "Tepanyaki Ice-cream".. teehee.. went back home after that (:

we took really lot pictures, LOLs.. as u know i am darn lazy so i think im gonna post later cos im lazy to upload now, i need card reader.. ^^

anyway, tmr schl reopen,. NOOoooooo, i did not hang out with friends yet.. sighs, i havent wash my schl bag yet, i havent do much thing in the holds with my friends yet.. ): nvm, im sure after this 5months, EVERYDAY (:

i miss darling, i miss sayangs.. ( if u have not notice, my sayangs are my besties, if u duno u can see my side bar's pictures, my darling ofcourse is my boyfirend (: ) ................ teehee. see u guys tomorrow (: mwahs.

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