Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wonder why bug have to be so kesian disturb by monkeys' ?

done with my batik, doin canting today $: arghhhh, can i redo everything? grrrrrr,

sometimes, we should have look forward and further, everything come and go, we must always appreciate it before its go, let it go when its time for it to go, (: when things happened, we shouldn't put blames on the others or the GOD, accept the fact and face it with ur smile, stay peace and make life easier, never forget the one around u is always there for u and supporting u, (:

went lunch with darl at Old Town White Coffee near by my hse area today, yumMmmmM~ teehee.. delicious and cheap and full lunch (:

*aijor, leave if u dont like to stay here, i know its meaningless my blog, but this is my blog and my life, so get off (: teehee.

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