Thursday, June 26, 2008

LOLs, just finish on the phone with darl, and played basketball with sis just now, so call play~ hahaa,

school still ok, but damn sien lor seriously.. nothing to do, helped pn.L to give out some stuff with shareen,
befor schl end, me and may wanted to lepak somewhere, shareen dare us to open the diciplin door and she'll belanja us sushi, but end up we dint, we just walk to there and run away, hahHa, cause it seemed scary, eeeeeeeehh,

*sayangsayang* darl,

tomorrow is our school sports day, $: going? yea, ...... gua? hahhahaaa,
tonight cant go PM with may ): next week? teehee, and uhhh, finaly rain afterall the hot hot sunny day, LOLs,

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