Monday, June 30, 2008

headed to 1U with sis after having breakfast with dad, dint want to watch movie with her friends, so we went for shopping, dreamworld, went parkson to get someone's present, its like... BOMMED my purse, ): after that met joshua for like 10mints den dady is here. taaaz ^^
anyway, i missed it!!! opposite 1U (centrepark?? ) had an event, doggies competition!! urghhhh, dint manage to go, thx to sis ): grerrrrreerrr,,

schl was okay as usual (: teehee.
i admit it was my wrong for today but not previous one, the previous one is just that i dint told you but i mana cari phone? 2nd, i dint do anything wrong to u means NO, No mean No, so why am i stressing myself? as u wish kay? u want it aight. I feel alright to myself,

chatted with sayang, teehee. anyway, some...

friends are not 100%,.. true, depend on u?
friends have limited secret.. true, depend on u?
friends have true and fake,.. true, depend on u?
i learn something more today, from sayangs ppl,
life is hard, we should look forward and not turning back..
nvr think backward, cause life will nvr improve.
this is me, and this is who i am.
do respect and accept the others before expecting ppl to accept you & respcet you, but if you cant accept the others, DO NOT expect them to accept you.
Nvr think you'r the 100% right and always listen two sides, cause u have 2 ears. (:
Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect.
Friends made by Choice & not by Fate, everything is like a decision.
Nvr change for someone who not worth to change for,
Always accept comments which is true, if only change when you think the comments are right.
Stand on the other's side, think for them b4 being selfish.
Always trust yourself, always feel alright & good in yourself.. Confident. (:

*mind blanked*

Just Be yourself, I am who i Am. I am being myself, nothing influenced, Because this is Me (: teehee.

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