I Love You

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

went lagoon with darling today (: we reaches there around 9:30 and its was huge crowds of people, after we paid the entrance fee, when we went in they wanted to check our bags for incesae we brought our own foods and drinks, so.. there's this guy suppose to checked my bag but we i open my bag's zip for him, he close it and gave it back to me, cause he saw my girl's wear and im laughing with him, LOLs, cause he felt so paiseh and yeah, i brought my drinks in ^^ teehee. nah, we dint took many pictures cause u know there's all water and my camera was no waterproof, aiksaiks, so we only took 1 pictures of us, (better than nothing ^^ ) well, we are forgetful and dum, we couldn't find the place we wanted to play, nvm.. we only bought the theme pack ticket, and not all park, cause we dont really want to go in some park, but after that we are kinda bit regreted cause we felt kinda bored keep playing the same things, but it alright, we had fun tought.. today he wasn't that hyper mood to play cause he slept few hrs last night and he worked before that, but we had fun in the artificial beach.. we walked for few times and we played in the sea, (so called), he carried me behind his back, walked everywhere, i carried him too ^^ we went off around 3something and headed off to pyramid had our lunch then we went back to his hse, we slapt for 2hrs and i woke him up, then we went to his place to have dinner and he fetches me back after that..

Darling, today was really happy altought we did not had much fun there, but atleast we had some fun there, and we had some tlak too, muackx

Happy 27 months Anniversary Darling! Love you

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