Sunday, June 22, 2008

had Sakae Sushi <33 color="#999999">100+ and ofcourse, arigatto to me (; teehee.

at there, those waiters will say "welcome" in japanese to those customers & me and my sis we were trying to rmb the word, and.. the waiters smiling at us, hahahaaa.. felt so paisehh Xp,

hmmmm bought nothing at Flea Market yesterday, was searching for bags but found nothing,.. the Fitness First were having launching yesterday and mummy was searching for her friend's boyfriend, HohoHOhoo.. we found him atlast, hahaaahahahaHa, *shhhhhhh*

mum's friend fetches us back to damansara's hse around 9:35pm, (;

today, woke up around duno what time, then daddy fetches all of us to DJ to makan DimSum, ^^ then we went to 100yen to had our ice and we dropped mummy at her office after that, and we went home (;

went to sea park's pet shop around 5:40pm, then we went Ceacars to play pool while waiting for mummy to have dinner, but atlast she cant go away cause she was busy for me went dinner ourselves @ Wong Kok, went home after dinner and so here i am (:

Sorry for that but u have to understand why am i being like that cause u make me like that, i'm trying to make myself forget every past but u dint support me, nothing change between us.. waiting ur call..

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