Am so Careless!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

school was fun as usual (: and OMFG! how can i be so freaking careless in my exam? tanggungjawab terhadap keluaga, i wrote bertanggungjawab terhadap kekeluargaan. and my whole essay got O because of the nilai, if not im gonna get atleast 6marks d kay! den i can pass my moral!! ishish!! *chilling*
anyway, having art project since few months ago, and finaly we have to bring home and do.. draw so freakin many... is like 18 pages of it!! GOSH, den have to enlarge it draw a freakin large one on the board, eh please la, ppl like me duno how to draw macam mana arh? (lucky i got my sis), muahahhaaa.. btw, the board is huge and untill my shoulder or somewhere, then i keep act stupid and cover myself with that and said " u cant see me ", $:

after schl, i stayed back (: me and my boi was thinking how to fit the board into the car, before that we were all discussing about this, and all laughing.. LOLs,
we had a sweet lunch together at his hse, we cooked our lunch (: while cooking we had lots of fun.. am acting like a sakai and sor poh and kacau-ing him all the while he cooking, teehee.. we smack each others, chasing here and there.. (actually he wasn't chasing me, and i tot he was, and i run all the way to the hse door =.- ) was really fun today (: he got pistt cos my grandma did not helped me to open the hse gate because i was holding so many stuff, hitting myself with that giant board ^^"

teehee, bye.. have to get my ass off and take my hands up to finish the art ):

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