Friday, June 27, 2008

yes, 5more months to leave,
keep telling myself JUST 5MORE MONTHS,,! its still a long period..

during this 5months,
may cause lots of happenings,
things could happen in 1day, even in 1second.

who know what happen next?

why must people always spot on the other's black spot when things happen which no body knows the reason, ?
or mayb they doesn't care their white spot but the black spot?

everything came so hurry,
although things are over, but nothing could made me know clear what/which is true and false,
and its also not important to me,
instead of knowing true or false, i would rather to stay peace & happily without knowing true & false, so that darkness wouldn't stay beside me and i can see rainbow forever.

u may judge me from my outwards, u may continue avoiding/hating me, u may even stop trusting me, but i can tell u I DONT MIND.
cause i feel alright when im acting im okay.
but now, i am seriously okay, cause i've finally go through everything, and im being back myself.

what do u know beside noticing my outwards? u still nvr think of the reason why/what happen im becoming like this? cause u dont bother, and i dont expect too.

i did understand everything but why cant ppl try to understand me? did they ever understand me or even tried to? NO.

Don't act like u know me very well, cause u are facing my outwards (: so stop whinning here & stop acting pro knowing me well.

stay peace and think wider, u may feel much better, girl. love lots sayangs*

darl, thank you for everything, i love you.

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