Saturday, June 21, 2008


suppose to have breakfast @ McD but dint know they are renovetion-ing ~ make me and sis and nanny have to walk all the way back home ):

i wan McEgg Muffin ~~~~~~~~~

McEgg Muffin o kudasai~~

anyway, it's Doyoubi~ tonight may staying over at my damansara hse, wheeee~
before that will go to the Curve have dinner and jalan jalan Flea market, teehee.

Rokugatsu is ending...~ next kinyoubi is our schl's spots day,
1 more week, shichigatsu is here, which is our trial is here, ne?
uhhhhhh, ): watashi...... trying not to study in the last minutes, *maybmayb*
tralalalala, anyway, kinda pist cause my japanese webbie gone,, for... forever.... ): but atleast i get to learnt something d~ tahahahaha, blekx,..

well, i think we are much more better than the past week, mochirou ureshiidesu but, things are still crowded in my mind, gomonasai~ but i also did my best for you everyday ne, ngehngeh~ mwahs..

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