Its Enough.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

i'll be alright to be alone,
OhaYo, no electricity around 8 early in the morning @@" but i still able to asleep, ngek.

MUmmy went China for some work, its weekend sumore, miss u mummy,

this morning, if u read my sis's blog, she washed my schl shoe, XP i dint ask her to ahhh, she's willing to arh, nvm la.. fair la kie? i waashed for her last time and now her turn, kekeke. kay lar, sayang massage back hou mou? LOLs, she said she's gonna cook lunch for me and treat me ice-cream, whoo-hoooo, cause i said i'll teman her to 1U with her firends tmr, (eh, me leh? anyone wan come? sien lor alone. but i dont think there's anyone would like to come with me? )

sien Lor weekend without mummy, cause mummy use to bring us out during weekend ): *hug hug Mii,

today, mii not here, have to think for our own plan for today, let see what can i do today?
beauty? own facial? okies,
eat? who cook? self? okies,
outing? imposible, tomorrow lah, ^^
anyone want come out yum cha? NO one, ): with sis lor, or not who so willing come wor, aight?

tralalala, go get my ice-cream 1st, teehee. continue later, ^^

[ settle, friends made by choice, up to u. it's enough. am alright, u? just 5 more months. peace happily (: ]

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