CountdownTo1day (;

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

teehee, woke up around 11sometihng den called dear and we went to sea park's pet shop visit doggies, hahaa, yeapyeap, darl planned to buy doggie but duno which 1 to buy, cause he want Pug, American Cocker Spaniel & Golden retriever (paiseh, i duno the spelling, do correct me) but i want Shih-Tsu & American Cocker Spaniel, still thinking (; but the end he decided to buy American Cocker Spaniel (; gonna buy after 2months, wheeee.. name, he said he let me to think of it ^^ ngeh, after that, went to buy jambu and da bao food to eat,.. he fetches me home around 3, (:

wheeee, time pass really fast, tomorrow is the day (; 8more hrs to go, 27th anniversary <3 17more hrs to go, LAgoon celebrate our anniversary <33>
I Love You darling! *hugs

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