Wednesday, June 18, 2008

feeling better each day,
feeling sweet each day,
are we going better like before?
or this is just what my thinking?
is there any lies anymore?
never wish to.
although the pass ths fading away,
but im trying to be nothing and better each day (:
cause its useless staying all in my mind.

teehee, schl... ok lar, wednesday aren't any better day..weiwei getting lamer? LOLs,have to finish my stupid art portfolio ON friday,or else there will be a disaster?hahas, just finding some batik pictures, but i couldn't find neither, ish.

i realise and its true i blog everyday, seemed every post almost the same, telling how is my days, my schl, my life, how lame my life and fla fla fla...besides blogging & reading blogs, i have nothing to do ): any interesting web for me? *make sure its really interesting and cute*, is middle of june now, getting nearer to spm.. awwwwwww, have to study instead of blogging here veryday =pteehee. but i love sitting infront the screen viewing blogs, msn.. teehee, kay kay, i'm going off now, to finish my art, ): *been forced to* hahaaa,

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