Thursday, June 05, 2008

did u notice? my blogskin?
if no, u might be blind.. heeegkss,
teehee, is it okay? i had no idea how to change that freakin text colour at the side bar.. i dont want it grey ): nvm..
im trying to change more pinky, but its not, i can change the post text to pink but the side bar text.......
anyway, i've used almost 4hrs+ to finish this, i feel so headache now~ tsk..
so u guys better gime atleast 8/10 for my blog kay, hahaaa..
heading off to KL tomrrow onwards until sunday (; wish i could online there cause i'll be missing my blog, my friends $:
enjoy my blog, teehee.
why cant u be more understanding, open minded instead of putting stress & blame on her? or mayb u're just selfish thinking for yourself that u're the only one who stress much and the others dont have? i dont mind u blaming on my but not her! just put the blame on me, blame me scold me, shooo me or whatever, i would rather responsible it myself instead of looking at u treating her like this, its not the 1st time u being like this.. stop showing that kind of faces to her, its non of her fault.. blame it on me! dont stress her out.. i am so dissapointed on u! i was born to be like u but lucky i am getting mature and the world is imporving and the time is going forward.. u want your face but we want our face too.. stop making me feel embaress infront of everyone cause they dont know anytihng about me! and its making ppl laughing at u more, dont think u telling ppl my bad stuff ppl will dislike me, cause i know i am not a failure and i will make u regret of all ur words&att in the future! dont beg me, im hurt and dissapointed enough! this is not your responsibility of being like this, cause we will never learn ssometihng good on u!
*dear, i wish u were here now, i wanna cry.. pifffft!*

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