Kill Buggiessss!! XD

Monday, June 23, 2008


today schl... ish! well, was really tired today, have no idea why.. then, there's this on of the "monkey" from my class, caught this bug form sumwhere else, he stand infront of me, and opened his hand and i screamed ofcourse! because it's my freaking biggest enemy i ever had!!! CROcKCOACH!!!!!! wth??????? i was like, AaaHHhHHhhhhhhHhhhh!!! ewWWWwwwwWWww, my mood was okay before that and after that my tears nearly came out from the afraid-ness.. ish! whatever bugs is my enemy especially crockcoach! i did cry before because im too afraid of it , heh..

anwhat's between us and...... just look forward, things will be better (: im leaving it over, and make my life happier each day, mwahs! i love you.yway, we both speaked out everything today, mostly him, i realise i am so not understand him very well, i do but not 100% and same to he. and so now we know more between us. im leaving it and making my life happier, i love you, mwahs

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