Monday, June 02, 2008

woke up around 10? was really tired all these days, since ken's bday? trahahas, made my own sanwich and i relise its fattening ); the cheese and the tuna, teehee.

uh, spent almost 1hr to search for blogskin which is my type but i dont get any my type, eeesh! not even one, @@''

anyone know how to make their own blogskin instead of seacrhing and credits to ppl? eeeeee,

im bored, a week to go to school reopen, ish ish!! time past really fast, 1week had wasted by me, but atleast there's some fun in that past week (; ken's burfdae, teehee..
going lagoon this wed, finally.. hahaa.. better not cancel in the last minute or not im gonna die for it, tsktsk.. felt so wasted in the past week, like dint really do anytihng much, LOLs, but its alright, after this coming 5months, my spm die in hell.. then i can have my holiday in anytime, teehee.. do whatever i want,.. eek ekk ;D

ngeh, 1hr 30mints to my tuition, im lazy S;

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