Ureshii <33

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

today, is such a...... exhausted? fun? happy? errrrr, don't know how to describe,
was gardening the whole day during schl time Xp since today have no studies, only Eng @ the last 2periods, so i decided to join the guys hanging around the schl with sayang also, shareen.
well the starting was kinda boring, doing nothing, but later while karchun the so called "brave-ass" took this worm which will make u feel itchy when u touch it, scaring us making us screaming running like sorpoh around the school! ishishhhhy~
after that, went to the hall for gardening, they usually took this trolley for "racing" with monkeys & flower pots, me and shareen was the first time joining them playing all this so we tried, hahaa, thx to karchun, i felt down ): dint really hurts, just some scratches.. and shareen took kahjin fetching me using karchun's phone -.= so yeah, after playing & resting and fla fla have to start work again, and karchun purposely took this worm AGAIN to scare us, ofcouse i've escape and shareen too, but shareen dint know that they'd throw it to her, OohhhHhkkkowhhh, she cried, *sayang*

uhhh, nice day (: memories in schl, teehee.. playing, "racing", cutting, so called fighting with HS, scaring, screaming, running...... exhausting~ hahahaaa, nice (:


haiik! i've found something truely & surely, it makes me feel so so so much better now and ever, and ofcourse i wont be suspecting him again, obviously that not he, darling gominasai.. i did felt regret for not putting 100% trust on u (as u know why), i love you darling, sorry to say u did not 100% give me any trustworthy but overall ur sentence to me, i realise my wrong-ness and i did not understand ur stress-ness too and i keep repeating the same mistakes for suspecting u, stressing u, and everything. thank you so much for your appreciate & ur unerstanding & ur trustworthy & ur forgiving everytime & everything u have done for me. i love you hunn, promise means nothing, action means something, i'm not gonna make any promises to u but i'll make more trustable between us. i love you and tomorrow will be a better day (: days will be better each day like our memories & lovely moment, mwahs

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