Thursday, June 12, 2008

i was telling you how happy am i when i am with you,
and now, i will never tell you how happy am i when i am with you,
i will never express what's in my heart to you..
because i would rather to act nothing and take it as nothing happens before..
can anyone tell me it was just a dream?
can anyone tell me its all fake?
once again, my heart dropped deeply,
my heart hurt deeply,
my tears are numb,
i dont have a suitable place to tear out everything..
i wish i am not thinking too much,
i wish everything turn back to the 1st yr of us,
i wish i am not yours,
i wish i never be born,
i dont know who am i now..
i dont know what's in my mind now..
i dont know what should i do now..
i hope its rain now,
i want to cry now..
i thought you were the best and u've really changed but its not true,
its all lies..
tell me i am dreaming,
tell me its all fake,
tell me everything are just a dream..

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