Tuesday, July 01, 2008

lalala, schl always the same (: wei leng had "Green War" to may they all, LOLs, her fault too.

after schl went da bao Ice @ 100yen and bought seaweed and mee cup for lunch,

Mummy is Back :D *hugs, she's a superwoman weih, she can buy so many stuff in only HALF an hour, Fuiyoo mummy, LOLs, she bought us new bags, new shoes, and some acessories, (: Thank You maaamii, <33>

Tomorrow RKA day (: i always attend RKA day since form 1 altought mummy is not coming to take my repoet card. =p

aahh, RKA reminds me my form1 & 2 RKA days, last time me and my friends used to stayed until 6.30 only we called our parents to fetches us back, how fun can last time be? everyone like just 13 14, always being childish, gather together during recess & when having fun, i miss HS's bday party when form2, that was a nice party at his hse, throwing friends into the pool and all the fun we had untill late night, wheee..

why must we always hate/dislike someone with the sad past? aren't u guys had the happy & sweet memories? teehee. i dotn mind everything now because atleast i have lotsa fun & happy memories with my sayangness friends,

after SPM, new life, new world, new friends & everything new. Have to be mature & everything, No more childsih, LOLs, it's alright. we should look forward and dont look back. teehee. <33>

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