Thursday, July 10, 2008

i don't know what's makes me so hyper today, i stayed back after schl to finish my batik <3 color="#666666">WHAO! sakai & sampat je... i talk alot, macam memang childish, i don't mind being childish anyway (it's my last yr kay), and super duper hyper siall.. hahahas, tmr gonna stay back again to finish up my batik, it left the flowers, ^^

well anyway, stay tune to my blog ^^ cause i am so so so wanted to change my blogskin by saturday (:: so don't give up on me & stay tune, I'll be right back.. LOLs,

Happy Burfdae Grandma <3
me and my 2sis & her daughter, we shared money to buy her a birthday cake, American chocolate =p

mmm, suppose to go PM with mummy & sisss, so that i can join sam may they all.. but it's late, 9pm.. ( im sure u'll like OMG, 9pm CALLED LATE?) ehh, for my fmaily, they said it's late ): and my mom lazy to drive daddy's car cause its already parked nicely. she's lazy...... ): so next week, lagi mungkin tak boleh cause mummy heading to Bangkok, Whoa.. i have a list for her (:: LOLs,
Dinner @ fatty crab had cancelled due to some prob, many ppl not going? sobbiees, why cancelled larh? its like my chance to gather with friends OUTSIDE SCHL, nvm nvm.. it's delayed i think? teehee.

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