Lucky or Unlucky?

Friday, July 11, 2008

i sms-ed mom to bring my art stuff for me today, she arrived around 9something, ( so means that she is late to work? x( ) as u know my class monkeys are so friendly*, hemhem.. but my mom did replied them too, LOLs, then sam said my mom and my second sis really look a like, then he came so random, told me that he dreamed my hse ytd =.-" hahahaha, and i was like, so syoknya, cause he was telling me how alike my mom and my sis, den he suddenly came with this dream.. errrrr, hahahahaa,

went to finish my batik b4 recess, kauns period.. i've done ^^ but need to cover up some mistakes.. ): and after recess we have to go down to the dewan, me, may, sam, shareen & josh. so as usual, josh hide under the teacher's table and 4 of us hide at the door & the windows. it's my fault to went to take that paper, so Zaidi saw and he came to asked us to come out, he said " girl, come out b4 i bang the door " *with smiling* something like that.. den no body answered him.. and he opened the window he saw may, den he asked " how many ppl inside? " may doesn't care about him and he keep asking, den he saw shareen.. and he asked the same question too.. LOLs, at the end 4 of us went down larrr.. but josh still underneathe there, LOLs, he is nice u know? he smiled all the way and like joking to us, LOLs, said that he is busy to cane us.. hahaa..

around 12pm, me may and shareen planned to go back class so we got permission from vasanthy to go to the toilet. -.-" joshua & sam followed, after 10mints, we gather in the class.. vasanthy shouted and scolded us for lying her.. uh,, wonder how she knows about it aight? so me may and shareen walked slowly and we stand outside the dewan when we reaches there, den vasanthy, mayb she's wondering why aren't we in the dewan yet? so she came out and shouted at us again while we were choosing who to go in first, end up may go in first. hahahaa.. kay la.. the speech is about Taylor's College, and overall this guy is telling he's the perfect one, ewwwh..

went da bao pizzahut after schl with darling (: taaaz.

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