Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday Night,
went to drop our stuff at damansara house after having dinner @ ss2 with family, headed off to 1U yumcha with uncle & cousin, we went wong kok cause jie have not take her dinner yet.. at wong kok, we had really much fun! *burburp* ---> *huhhh* , hahahahaaa... i bet u dont get it.. went back appartment around 10:30pm++..

woke up around 12 noon, mummy & daddy da bao breakfast for meand i ate only half.. after mummy cleaned the whole hse, went to Old Town White Coffee to yum cha den bought some fruits @ Cold Belverage. had dinner at Megah, Home at 9something..

went to padang for ASSEMBLY. LOLs, everyone is like, "eh jieyi, long time no see.." OMG, i can said that this is like my.. FIRST TIME standing infront of the field for like 40mints for the ASSEMBLY listening those "BOSS" cakap cakap.. LOLs! played "dochball" (how do u spell that? ) during PJK, overall my team win, ^^ dint went for recess, teehee.. went to visit my Batik after EST untill schl end.. went off around 1pm and bought keropok b4 going back.. LOLs, mummy came to fetch me and sis with daddy's babyVios. went to tuition and sis came to fetch me with ONE umbrella, awwwww, so sweet xp

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