Thursday, July 24, 2008

went to schl today cause was absent yesterday X) schl was... okay, kena from Pn.H again, but she dint do anything and she dint even bother after i "find En.Z" ^^ may & Josh went to KBU for some SEJARAH CERAMAH, and when they came back, the first hing may told me that she was sitting with bunch of leng zais, u can just pick anyone u like, u can just get any type boys u like there, OMG! i can understand that feeling, grrahhhhhhh, i should have went with them ): ishish!! the lengzai there was 300++/500 , omggggggg, i'm sure if i was with her, we will sure headed infront of them and ask for their number, kekekee,, =p

anyway, home with bus, after bathing & eating, then me, sis & grandma headed off to the factory which is L'oreal, Ganier & Maybelline's brand are all having warehouse sale, so ofcourse it a must for me to go to have a look, (: i use their brand ^^

we used to walked there @@" GOD, stuff there was totally CHEAP! my GoD, everything are not more than RM20!! everything are less than RM20!!! phewwwww~ we was abit late, most of the item in my list are already out of stock ): so i just bought few mascara, blusher, hair conditioner and some stuff.. guess what's the total amount? RM86! i guarantee u cant get this cheap out there, so if u wan to save ur purse, their wasehouse sales is only on THURSDAY & FRIDAY whish is today & tomorrow (: from 9am-6pm, kekekeee, i might going again tomorrow (: =p cheap cheap cheappppp & nice nice nice nice to use tooo! you'll nvr regret after using their skin care, cosmetics & stuff stuff (:

after buying my stuff ( sry mom couldn't get ur stuff, out of stock ) we wnt to jaya33, Jaya Groocer to buy some snack, food.. uhhhh~ bought too many and have to take with my hands all the way back to home with my legs ): tireeed, so here am i ^^ taaadaaaas,

this saturday is having schl, replacement.. xp i dont want, but i might be going (: anyone? LOLs, okay, i wanna rest awhile now, going to PM later with friends (:

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