Saturday, July 12, 2008

woke up around 8, cleaned my messy room. dint plan to have breakfast yet, went online to finish my blogskins, failed ): asked shareen to help and yup! my blogskin is now credit to shareen :D muackx.. went yum cha with them around 12:30pm ++, waited them for like.. an hour? hahahas, it's okay.. met them at McD, sat at the open air area.. and and and.... * only we know ;) * then went to digital mall for a walk.. and im like, sampat there ^^" mind me.. i'm just hyper.. walked the whole building, went back to McD to had ice-cream.. and to... *only we know ;) * kkekeee, went back around 3:30pm cause he have to by home at 3:30pm... im walking home, and both of them are like.. stalker.. hahahaha, yea.. nice day with u two, :D

sien lor, woke her up, but she got no transport but we want to hang out so *sad face* .. and im here.. crapping... and and and, i want to know him !!! * only we know *, grrrhhhh, ): nvm, because I am Just SEVENTEEN (: teehee.

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