Monday, July 07, 2008

have no idea what to blog but i feel like blogging but there's nothing for me to blog cause nothing special today so uhhh, im blogging craps here right now, (dont judge, i know my blog memang meaningless & my english is suck like hell, but im improving myself and yet, NON-Of-Your-Business)

sayang* told me not to express too much in my blog and i did not to express much stuff in my blog, so U better not light on my fire or not u'll see what's gonna happen to U ehh, =p ( F.Y.I i dont kill/slap/whack/scolding bad words aights, only scolding you with a bitchy rude way, and U'll gonna be my 1st victim if u wan lohhh, LOLs, )

anyway, ppl always love talk about ppl without saying themselve first but actually they are one of em that's why they can speak out so loud so that the others around em will think they are not one of them. pheww,
never talk about ppl when u're actually one of them, DONT deny heh,

5th July - Happy Belated Birthday to Weng Kit & Vic


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