how do you feel?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

how do you feel when u cant do what the others do to your beloved one?

how do you feel when u can only listen to your beloved one tell you that what the others did to them?

how do you feel when your beloved one doesnt seemed to understand what u feel?

why things seemed different when we are together & not together?

i dont have any answers for my question AT ALL.
i know i will never get to know the answer & i know i wont get it forever.
i dont wanna live with so many questions which have no answers AT ALL.

why do you rather to let them live in lies and not truth?

am trying not to stress myself for thinking too much, i did.. not to bother about you.. not to concern you too much.
it doesnt mean i dont love you, just that i dont want to live like this.

so? you'll have your personal life which non of my business and i'll have my personal life which non of your business too.

make my life easier and peace. i have longer way to go. (:

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