Sayang Much!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i memang attend to schl everyday after the last ponteng d:
today SMK TS was having Prefect Installation, which mean the whole day will have NO prefect doing their duty, surrounding the school, and most of the diciplin teachers will also busy-ing with the Installation stuff and so on..
well, One word to decribe today,..


know why? we have no classes the whole day in schl =.-" so what's the point of we coming to schl and wasting our time? to fill up those "wasting time ", we have kinda much fun in thoughts ^^

"Cou Hong Sang" took my pencil case, to revenge, i took his Phone (: well, since he was toooooo annoying molesting my pencil case, me & shareen decided to went to the toilet to see what's in his phone, read his messages about him & his GF. ( your fault ) after reading and back to my 5M (5Monkey instead of 5Mawar), was trying to ejekkan him telling him his phone was kena rampas,buttttt, he " cacated " my pencil case while im not in the class....... -________= ofcourse he is so gonna to dead! muahahaha, *evil laughing* F.Y.I., my pencil case was just 2months old* and so many problem to my babe, so i decided not to give him back his phone, keep ejekkan him, ofcourse he did beg for his phone once, and NO WAY. *hmph* but i did gave him back the end..

well, after i gave him back, me, sam, shareen was talking about his GF *shhhhhh* LOLs, and he shows his "cute-stonned-shutup-face " LOLs, anyway, before schl end.. uhhhhhh, something embrassing................... * shhhhhhhhhhh * and i curved-down my face ): and went into my bf's car and nearly cried... u freaking Cou Hong Sang...

went to 100yen to bought my fav strawberry ice, snack & mee-cup.. (:
& guess what? I'm getting a Mickey shape Mickey's brand Mp3, if only they have pink? if not im taking white incase. (: mwahsssSss,

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