where are you?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what have you been busy over these days till you dont even have the time to realise you left me out?

I don't know which of your words is true & false..

I don't know when of you is true and false..

i wish i was just thinking too much (:

nothing special could schl be, just study, fun? chit-chat..
just 4more months to go, i'm gonna miss the school time )X i am now appreciating every second in the schl even though am have to study & stay in this class with these monkeys, they are just love to be an annoyer, they are actually fine & friendly.. LOLs,

schl was actually and also a best place for everyone aight?, compare to collegues & office.. u have no stress-ness and any burden.. u just have to bring your bag which full of books that full of words, sit in the class, listen to teachers, get Amaran / D3 form when u break the rules and also a place being childish xp, ( as i always did ).. i meant true aighT? u cant be any childish further after 17, when u reach college, which mean u are out from childhood ): u have to spend more than u spend in schl's food, although the schl food right now is really bored & errr... XD , but u must appreciate it u know! LOLs, cause it is the cheapest food we have in our life xp schl is also a place that correct us from the mistakes, teachers, friends.. they also correct your mistakes, in college, no body will care whether you'r right or wrong, the worse one is you have to be very smart in finding out the true & false.. no body will tell you which is right & wrong.. in schl, teacher does, don make any complains in schl if you want to break the rules, cause it's your fault. and ofcourse in college you'll have no rules to break XD . so appreciate the moment in schl! dont make complains if you want to! love your schl! dont cry over a split milk when you'r in college, teehee.

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