Wednesday, July 09, 2008

the besties since 2006. we share probs, we tell each other stuff although we did not hang out but only twice. we always be there for each other no matter wat, even 24/7. u used to called me and express stuff on my and tell me what's happening and asking my help to help u handle over it. after all, things started change after sometime. u should know why? but im not blaming her & dint & never aight. i nvr once fight back to you no matter how u treat me, cause i know who are you to me. but 1 thing, i'll grow up to. for you, i've changed, for me, i nvr. it's just because i learn sometihng new when i grow. No body knows what gonna happen next second, no body know how long could we last too. i always love you as how i love my best one, altough sometimes you'r not here for me, i nvr mad at u, not even once. cause i do understand you everytime. i dint mind anything and not matter what. and so now, u blamed me, said me who want things like this now, are u sure it's me? have to think everything all over again? pls aight? right.. , am gonna stop here, my mind is blank~ teehee.

well, i can tell i love batik! i meant, the process of doing batik (:: it's nice and fun u know??? LOLs, schl was always the same, study study, talk talk, LOLs, but today, here come the random..

sam . jie

ha chiu ha chiu ha chiu * sneeze *
bless you
fish you
sotong you

LOLs, we are like so randomly saying marines, well, gotto get my ass off now. ^^ taaaaz,

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