Happiness never ends (:

Friday, July 25, 2008

can see? it's taken at pasar malam yesterday (: haven edit yet, will update after edit.. i'm seriously gaining weight! NOOO! Bingo! went pasar malam with friends yesterday, ken, sam went ss2 with weiwei them, so me joined joshua, may & shareen (: whoooo, my 2nd time PM with friends ^^ love love much~ okay okay, let's see..
me, may & shareen meet at kayu, then we went to buy shareen's grandma's "Hacks", so me and may took 1 sweet (: then we walked awhile while waiting for josh.. within 5mints, met up with josh at the sogo "sai mai lo" stall which joshua really freak of it. XD then may teman joshua sit there while me and shareen walked the whole pasar malam to search for foods (: she's really hungry, funny part was, she speak in english at every stall she went, LOLs, and they seller replied her in cantonese =.=" hahahaaa, so after buying foods went bac kto met up josh & may and ate our sogo =D and all the foods, well.. we cant finish the "carrot cake" so we played a game " one two jus ", hahaa.. joshua keep winning, but the end we forced him to ate one spoon XD i went back around 9.. ^^
today, schl was usual, as u know,.... biasa lahhh, went to esso with shareen & joshua before schl start, bought chocolate ^^ thx papa XD stayed back after schl, as usual (: went da bao lunch at ming tian, then famous amos then cake sence.. hahahaa, home by 5..
know what? i've got the tickets for the Astro Talent Quests tomorrow, Wheeeeeee.. tmr anyone going schl? i might not, kekeee..

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